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NEXT BALL DATE: May 12, 2018!!


A little history… The first “wild ball” was held in the fall 1984 in Fort Collins. The “Wild Goose Autumn Ball” was the brain child of Friends of Traditional Dance (Fotd) founder, Lex Krausz and Fort Collins dancer/teacher, Randy Lumb. The first ball sold out with over 400 people dancing the night away to waltzes and polkas. Within a few years of building on this success, Lumb and Krausz started a second, springtime ball--the Wild Asparagus Ball.


A great collaboration… Adding to this remarkable tradition is the musical partnership with the Denver Pops Orchestra--known as the Mostly Strauss Orchestra. For over 30 years, this wonderful partnership has brought a variety of music to the balls: Strauss waltzes, polkas, Latin dances, 20th century swing medleys and our very own polka band.


A grand tradition… Certainly an impressive tradition with well over 60 balls held over the years, The Wild Goose Masquerade (fall) and the Wild Asparagus (spring) Balls are a regional phenomenon with dancers in beautiful costumes and regalia, the fine orchestrations of the Mostly Strauss Orchestra and now the excellent facilities of the Avalon Ballroom in Boulder.


What’s new…  We now offer a variety of waltz lessons to support the Viennese and cross-step waltzes, performances from local dance organizations and updated technology to streamline e-ticket purchases, check-in and volunteer enrollment.


Upcoming balls:

Wild Asparagus Ball May 12, 2018
Wild Goose Masquerade Ball October 27, 2018


We are looking forward to 30 more years!

FOTD Proudly Supports the Wild Balls!